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Proven Study Tips for Primary School Children

·     Draw out a personalized study time table

Sit with your child and guide him/ her in coming up with a study time table. Do include short play time of about 20 - 30 min and short vision break of 10 min (closing the eyes, listening to soothing music, looking at distant objects etc) after everyaccomplish taskset (e.g. 50 min of seat work working on a set of English revision paper). Syudy based on the Primary School Exam Syllabus.


·     No last minute revision 

Help your child to prioritize the list of tasks he/ she needs to accomplish. Inculcate the habit of constant revision when young. Enlist the help of the caregiver to ensure that daily revision is a must. No double standard. 



·     Conducive Environment 

Your child needs to have a conducive study environment. The study area should be well-ventilated and not cluttered with things. 



·     Get involved in your child’s work 

Show a genuine interest in your child’s academic progress. Let your child feel how important he/she is to you and that you mean business. No point nagging at your child near exam period when all the while you’re ‘glued’ to the television set or the computer. Your involvement will motivate your child to want to do better. 



·     Educational Trips 

Take your child to the local zoo, gardens, parks, Science Centre e.t.c. for learning journeys. Let him/ her tell you at least 2 learning points out of the trips. Enlighten them that learning does not just confine within the textbooks. Learn with them. 



·     Newspaper Cuttings 

   Newspaper articles – a good learning resource. Not only will your child widen their vocabulary bank, they are more aware of the current affairs. Added bonus – they will have more to talk about during their oral examinations when they have to strike a conversation with the oral examiners. Get them to do reflection entry on the article they have selected. This may be done once in 2 days or weekly.


  •  Intrinsic and Extrinsic Reward 

Words of encouragement, praises, hugs, 10 min of iphone games, ice cream treat, a show (educational yet entertaining eg Magic Schoolbus), 30 min playtime in the playground or stickers may be used as rewards for your child.


Set the target and reward system together with your child. Do bear in mind that we do not have to invest in rewards of substantial monetary value.  


Suggested Idea: 

Marks Achieved 

Colour Star Sticker Awarded 

91 - 100 


85 – 90.5 


80 – 84.5 


75 – 79.5 


70 – 74.5 



To Entitle For Redemption Of Reward: 

2 Gold Star stickers 

3 Silver Star stickers 

4 Red Star stickers 

5 Green Star stickers 

6 Blue Star stickers 


Your child may draw a reward card from the Reward Mystery Box if he/ she has collected the number of stars as mentioned above. Upon redemption, you may sign across the stars. 


E.g. of reward cards



30 min playtime in the playground 


McFlurry treat 

Happy Meal @ McDonald’s 


10 min of iPhone games 


Bedtime Story from Mummy J

Bedtime Story from Daddy  J


Watch Magic Schoolbus 


A sheet of stickers of your choice 

A pen 


A lollipop 



Cartoons on TV - 20 min 


This would motivate your child especially when he/ she gets to decide what you will write on the reward cards.