The 10 Causes Behind Homework Issues

1. The homework is too difficult.

2. The homework is too confusing.

3. The homework is too low-quality or too boring.

4. The child is disorganized.

5. The homework is too intrusive.

6. Too much parent involvement.

7. The child is unmotivated.

8. Too much homework.

9. It's too noisy.

10. The child is too alone.


How to Help Your Child to Develop Decision-Making Skills

1. Provide opportunities for your child to make decision.

2. Encourage everyone to participate in decisions regarding family activities.

3.Discuss real-life decision-making situations.


The Seven Essential Factors of Self-esteem in Children

1. Knowing their Mom and Dad think they're great!

2. Having a safe environment.

3. Being part of a family, school, and community.

4. Knowing they are accepted and supported by Mom and Dad.

5. Being respected by Mom and Dad, and in turn respecting them.

6. Having logical boundaries.

7. Having parents with positive self-esteem.